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Active Listening - The Forgotten Skill: Active Listening Skills by C Orbison.pdf

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Descriptions : b Active Listening The Forgotten Skill b br br Listening is a skill forgotten by many and this book is here to revive it We will take you on a journey of discovery through your own barriers show you something that is already familiar to you teach you all the listening skills you need to know and eventually you will be reborn an active listener br br An active listener is dedicated to understanding their loved ones They see the role of listening as just as important to the communication as the role of speaking With the help of this book you will come to listen with a fresh pair of ears and an open heart and mind br br You will also listen to body language and make eye contact You will give encouraging feedback and you will become a master at reading the context and the flow of conversation You will feel the emotions behind the speaker and the feelings within their words br br All of this will make you something of a good friend to those around you Everyone needs someone who can listen Often you will find discussions on how to talk with confidence or how to be assertive but rarely will you find discussions on how to properly listen br br Active listening is a gentle art and it is also a contagious one You can expect that once you open yourself to the world of listening your loved ones will want to listen back br br If you want to learn how to improve your relationships and how to become a better more open and more loving person then this book is for you You will be empowered by the simple knowledge of listening which is presented here in an easily accessible and highly enjoyable book using relatable examples from everyday life br br We show you everything you need to know on how to listen to your loved ones how to apply your new found listening skills to the modern day communications technology and how to improve your communications with your children br br Topics covered include the listening process barriers to listening types of listening and non listening active listening vs passive listening the benefits of active listening adapting to context with dynamic listening and applying listening skills to real life The book is comprehensive and you need no other resource to understand how to be a better listener br br We sincerely hope that you enjoy the book and improve your relationships and your understanding of your loved ones with the power of active listening br br Click the link above to buy the book now br br

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