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Kivy Blueprints by Mark Vasilkov.pdf

Uploaded : 2018/05/22 

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Descriptions : b Build your very own app store ready multi touch games and applications with Kivy b h About This Book h ul li Learn how to create simple to complex functional apps quickly and easily with the Kivy framework li li Bend Kivy according to your needs by customizing overriding and bypassing the built in functions when necessary li li A step by step guide that provides a swift and easy introduction to game development for both desktop and mobile li ul h Who This Book Is For h This book is intended for programmers who are comfortable with the Python language and who want to build desktop and mobile applications with rich GUI in Python with minimal hassle Knowledge of Kivy is not strictly requiredevery aspect of the framework is described when it s first used h What You Will Learn h ul li Set up a development environment for Python and Kivy programming li li Build cross platform applications suitable for desktop and mobile li li Create Modern UI apps reminiscent of Windows Phone flat design li li Interface with the native Android API to broaden the scope of what functionality is available to your apps li li Customize your applications by modifying the built in Kivy features for your project specifications li li Develop full stack client server solutions with the backend and UI both written in Python li li Write modular reusable code while utilizing various aspects of the Kivy framework li li Write your own cross platform video games ready for distribution on Google Play App Store or even Steam li ul h In Detail h Kivy is a Modern UI framework that greatly simplifies the development of cross platform apps suitable for both mobile and desktop This book is a practical guide that will walk you through the creation of intuitive multi platform games and apps for day to day use You will learn how to build simple common apps such as Stopwatch and Paint Then we will gradually dive into more advanced Python and Kivy features We will also cover a number of related topics ranging from UI design to low level GLSL shaders You will be able to fill your resume with practical applications and games including those inspired by the insanely popular puzzle game and Flappy Bird Each chapter covers a fully functional program highlighting different aspects of the Kivy framework

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