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Descriptions : Other booklets on casino gambling are listed on the Carlos Turver page at Amazon com His most recent publications are titled A Diet for The Bodys Needs Not for Its Wants subtitled Eating the Same Meals Every Day Helps to Lose and to Maintain an Appropriate Weight Guadalajara Today May July subtitled The State Capitol of Jalisco Mexico Is Like Living in Any City in the USA But More Economical and An Atheists Concept of a Life After Death subtitled An Eternal View of What Was And What Could Have Been br br All betting systems are worthless However for the mathematically challenged here is a forum of your own As stated on the web page on June br br Clearly anyone who figured out a way to win and wasn t selling it to the public could just play in the casino themselves and have no need to try to win my k I m % confident that no such system actually exists but there s no way for me to prove it because anyone who actually had such a system wouldn t take my challenge But I can prove that systems being sold to the public are junk because anyone willing to part with his system for or whataver should be falling all over themselves to try to win my k The fact that not even one system seller has even tried to win my k proves my point Any system that you can buy is garbage br Let me be clear no one has ever even accepted my challenge let alone beaten it br Six years and counting without a taker br These statements were found on the br web page on June br All those systems are bunk From the br web page br Those who offer opinions that are etched in concrete invariably leave themselves wide open for ridicule br Consequently those who label all betting systems as worthless junk garbage and bunk are wrong br In the real world of casinos many of the betting systems if not all of themroduce positive results in the short run According to the experts no betting system can beat the house edge in the long run Also in the real world the Betting System Challenge challenge with the rounds or up to four million spins of a roulette wheel would take years of uninterrupted play Just one round of at one spin result per minute in the real world would take a little over hours of play every day for one year br It is no wonder that the challenge has had no serious takers Once given a thorough analysis it is obvious that the purpose of this challenge is to ensure that no challenger could possibly win with the current rules br A to ayout is generous but worthless when the challenger has no chance of winning With the unit minimum bet rule there is no chance of winning out of rounds of spins each br Even winning one round has proven to be been impossible when applying The Improved Martingale Betting System If there were a way to beat the Betting System Challenge in its present form at least one gambling mathematician expert would have walked away with the rize some years back when this challenge first became available br In its present form the Vegas Click challenge is tantamount to having a one on one poker game with your opponent drawing a straight or royal flush every few hands br The rules for the Vegas Click challenge are too tight although the bankroll of units for each round is acceptable What is unacceptable in this challenge is the high minimum bet of units br The question is if all betting systems are worthless garbage junk and bunk why not allow the challengers determine the amount of the minimum bet br

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