Mean Gene Kelton's Gigs From Hell: Over 25 Years of Hell In The Music Business. And Its All True.

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Mean Gene Kelton's Gigs From Hell: Over 25 Years of Hell In The Music Business. And Its All True. by Mean Gene Kelton.pdf

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Descriptions : Great Man Great Book Great Reviews br br From Mean Gene Kelton s Gigs From Hell br br Introduction br I never really gave much thought to writing a book Especially a book about my gigs from hell because all musicians have gigs from hell I just talk about mine more than most br br As I would tell my stories many people suggested I write a book about all the misadventures in my life as a professional musician br br Reluctantly I started making notes and giving each story a title I never realized how many wild crazy hilarious dangerous and sometimes life threatening experiences I had been involved in until I had written over two hundred titles and Gigs From Hell was born br br What is a gig from hell you ask br Do you remember that scene in the Blues Brothers where the band is set up on a stage behind a chicken wire fence and forced to play country songs all night while drunk rednecks throw beer bottles at the band That scene may be funny to you but to us musicians who have actually experienced that sort of disrespect that shit aint funny That my friends was a gig from hell br br Do you remember the movie Roadhouse that featured the Jeff Healey Banderforming behind a chicken wire fence while the joint was destroyed by barroom brawls Those scenes are exciting on the silver screen but in real life they can be terrifying and sometimes tragic For a band they can become gigs from hell br br Unlike fictional Hollywood depictions of bands and band life my gigs from hell are all true br br If you have a problem with graphic descriptions of nudity sexual activity tales of violence drunkenness drug use extreme profanityolitical incorrectness and the use of words that start with N C P F and many others then throw this book down now run bury your head in the sand and pretend that the world is perfect This book is not a whitewashed candy coated collection of happy little music fairy tales where shit dont stink and people live happily ever after br br Gigs From Hell is a documentary of real life events written in the same attitude in which I lived it Hard rough sometimes dangerous and often unfair I wrote in such a way that you the reader will feel your eyes burn from the clouds of second hand smoke in a smokey bar smell the cheap perfume and beer breath of an aging barfly hanging all over you trying to be your date for the night and the rancid stench of wet wooden boards in dilapidated backwoods country beer joints where you can see the ground through holes in the restroom floor br br Youll feel the rush of a standing ovation on nights when you can do no wrong and the cold fear of gettin your ass stomped when an angry redneck crowd turns into a lynch mob Youll feel the tequila set your brain ablaze youll taste the blood on your lip and feel the tears in your eyes Youll know the anxiety and anguish of dreams dashed Youll experience the ecstasy of being live onstage alone in the spotlight br br Youll go with me not just behind the scenes youll stand next to me center stage br br Bright lights facing the crowd youll bare your soul to the critics hecklers assholes groupies and worshippers br br Youll know the hopelessness of chasing your dream like a hobo chasing a freight train br br Youll feel victorious from conquering the neon world with nothing but a song and a guitar and then the loneliness of a cheap motel after a show br br Youll ride with me on the road taking your turn driving all night when your eyelids feel like lead and the dawn is a million miles away br br Youll stand by me in a bar fight against the devil himself and run with me as we run for our lives from possible death and destruction br br Youll call me a liar Everything is true br br Welcome to the trenches the front lines of my life Welcome to Mean Gene Keltons Gigs From Hell br RIP Mean Gene Kelton

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